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Our Mission

Grandmothers Beyond Borders helps to lift the burden of HIV/AIDS in Uganda, Africa by funding grass roots community based projects that provide support and care to grandmothers raising their grandchildren because their own children have died from AIDS.
“How will we ever explain what we have wrought? What a universe this is. We came out of the Holocaust asking ourselves how we could ever live with the recognition that much of the world knew what was in those trains rumbling down the tracks to Auschwitz. We came out of Rwanda asking ourselves how it was possible that the world was inert in the face of a hideous genocide that everyone knew was taking place. It is my contention that years from now, historians will ask how it was possible that the world allowed AIDS to throttle and eviscerate a continent, and overwhelmingly the women of that continent, and watch the tragedy unfold, in real time, while we toyed with the game of reform.”-Stephen Lewis
Co-Director, AIDS-Free World

Dear Friends and Supporters of Grandmothers Beyond Borders,

We are writing with a message of hope and gratitude in this holiday season.

Nearly every end of year letter written or received in 2020 opens with a recognition of what a difficult year this has been. Our letter is no different.

2020 began with all the optimism and hope every new year holds. The grandmother associations in Uganda were aiming to continue their plans and projects to sustain their families and communities, to invest in land, to develop new gardens and expand others. New year’s dreams and wishes…

When the pandemic hit, the grannies whose lives had been changing for the better felt the impact in a dramatic way. So much of their success depended on time spent together, in support and solidarity.

Uganda responded to Covid-19 by essentially locking down the country. The very grandmothers who had been isolated and alone before they became part of GBB were isolated once again. They were cut off from one another, and left with little or no access to healthcare, or food, or even resources for growing food.

On their behalf, we reached out to all of you to help us supply them with Pandemic Relief Packages – and your response not only warmed our hearts, but offered them a lifeline, and the fundamental realization that they were not alone, after all.

As the year progressed, these determined women “masked up” and returned to their gardens.

They inspired us to shift our traditional Taste of Uganda autumn fund-raiser from an indoor dining experience to a curbside, take-home affair – and you came through yet again. We served over 150 Taste of Uganda Dinners-To-Go! That event, and your generosity on Giving Tuesday, will allow us to continue funding pandemic relief supplies, as well as solar lights, garden implements, seeds and seedlings.

Every message we receive from and about the jjajjas (grandmothers) reminds us that when they plant their gardens, they are planting hope. Thank you so much for being part of their story of hope, especially in a year of so much hardship.

In community, with gratitude and warmest wishes from all of us for happy holidays and a new year filled with the blessings of good health, peace, hope and joy,

Grandmothers Beyond Borders MKE/Uganda