Programs & Services

Where we fund

GBB began funding small community based projects in Uganda in May of 2006. We are currently assisting two Grandmother’s Associations.  The Associations serve more than 300 grandmothers.

Who we fund

GBB provides small grants to organizations who are caring for grandmothers and their grandchildren in Uganda, Africa.

We believe in, and have deep respect for, the ability, capacity, and wisdom of emerging grassroots women leaders across the globe, and of emerging elder grassroots women leaders from the Ugandan villages and associations that are part of GBB:  Our efforts support Grandmothers:

To organize

To make decisions about what is best for themselves, their families, and their communities

To represent themselves and to speak for themselves with their own voices

We support grass roots projects which develop leadership, provide emotional support, food and basic necessities, and income generating initiatives.

Raising 12 Grandchildren

Grandmothers who are members of a grandmother’s association may receive many different kinds of support.  The grandmother above received funding through a micro-lending project to start a clothes mending business and a vegetable stand.  She uses the money she earns to pay for basic necessities for her grandchildren.

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